Music Services

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Arrangement Work

Some artists/bands have song ideas and need in various ways help with song arrangements before the studio recordings. We have long experience with this kind of work and we can togheter with the artist/band make professional song arrangements which will be ready for studio recordings.

Studio recordings

Pink Link Production has a professional and modern music studio for song recordings; Studio 7b in Bergen, Norway.

Musician work on studio recordings

If the artist/band has any musican needs for the recordings we can help. Bengt Bakke at Pink Link Production is a professional musican on guitar, bass guitar, synths etc. Other musicans can be hired from our contacts in the music industry based on needs for the recordings.

Chorus and other needs for the studio recordings

If the artist/band has any chorus or other needs for the studio recordings we can provide that from our contacts in the music industry.

Sound mix and other work with the studio recordings before mastering

Bengt Bakke at Pink Link Production has a sound engineer degree from Norsk Lydskole – NISS (Norwegian Sound Engineer Academy – NISS). He has more than 20 years of experience with sound mixing and studio work with music that has been released on cd and on digital music services.

Mastering of studio recordings

We work closely together with a highly skilled mastering professional who do all the mastering work on our music releases.



Release Services

We will make your music available on 17 digital music services, like Spotify, iTunes, Wimp etc. We will take care of all registrations and reports regarding your music release and we will promote your release on all promotion channels we have available.

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Guitarplayer hands

Music Services

We offer all kinds of professional studio services; like arrangement work on song ideas, studio recordings, musician work, chorus, mastering, sound mix and other wants and needs you may have for your music release.

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CD- Services

If you want «Promotion-not for sale»-cd or cd-for-sale, Pink Link Production will take care of the registration work, layout work, printing the cd, printing the cover etc.

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