About us

Based on our own experiences in the music industry we see a great need for a label that can offer artists and bands customized services based on the artist/band’s wants and needs for the music release. Every music release process is uniqe because the individual artist/band has different wants and needs for their uniqe release.

We can offer all desired services for artists and bands so the music will be released with the best quality and professional standards at all stages of the process. With our expertise and contact network we can take care of all technical, practical and administrative tasks based on the artist/ band’s wants and needs for the music release, thus the artist/band can spend all their time and energy on the music itself.

Bengt itl web

Bengt Bakke

Role: CEO
Telefon: 916 39 143
Epost: Bengt@pinklinkproduction.no

Bengt Bakke is the CEO at Pink Link Production. He takes care of the music work from arrangement work to the sound mix of the studio recordings and other preparations before the mastering process. He also assures the quality work done in the mastering process by our mastering partner. Thus we make sure that we deliever the best product possible to the artist/band who releases music on the Pink Link Production label.

Bengt has a sound engineer degree from Norsk Lydskole – NISS (Norwegian Sound Engineer Academy – NISS). He has more than 20 years of experience with sound mixing and studio work with music that has been released on CDs and digital music services. He owns and runs Studio 7b in Bergen, Norway where Pink Link Production’s artists and bands can use a professional and modern studio for the music recordings to their releases. Bengt is also a musican and has contributed on several releases on digital music services and CDs. He also releases his own music on digital music services on the Pink Link Production label using the artist name Tanah.

Johnny til web

Johnny Berg

Role: Administrativ manager
Mail: Johnny@pinklinkproduction.no

Johnny Berg is Administrative Manager at Pink Link Production. He does all the work with the registrations, reports and paper work for the music recordings and releases on our label. He also does all the follow-up work with artists and bands after the music release. Johnny has a 5 year law-administrative-economic degree from the University in Bergen and BI Bergen. He is also a singer-songwriter with several music releases on digital music services. He releases his music on the Pink Link Production label.