Prices include

  • All registrations for the songs and music release at Gramo (ISRC-codes, song- and music release registrations) and NCB
  • Legal deposit of the music release to the National Liberary of Norway
  • Music release payment to the digital music service aggregator, registration work and uploads for the release
  • Song registration help if needed at TONO for composer/author/arranger and other kinds of help with registrations needed for cover songs etc in the release
  • Follow-up work after the music release which includes reports for the music streamings and sales on digital music services twice a year in January and July and annual royalties payment in January
  • Included in the prices are also marketing and promotion of the release on Pink Link Productions’ home page on the Internet, Facebook-page, YouTube-channel, Instagram, Twitter and we also promote releases to our contacts in the music industry when it is appropriate.
Kr 1.500 ,-
1-2 songs
Kr 2.000 ,-
3-5 songs
Kr 2.500 ,-
6-12 songs