Release Services


Registrations of rights to the studio recordings and the music release

Artists and bands are especially focused on doing the best possible work on the music which is to be released. Unfortunately many artists and bands do a poor job with the important registrations of the rights to their music. This may have serious consequences for the ownership of the music and royalties etc after the music relase.

When the artist/band releases music out into the world on digital music services etc, the music starts to live its own life. Regardless of the level of ambition you never know how big an audience the music will get or in what contexts it can be used. Just as important as doing great work on the music itself, it is equally important to make sure that the music is registrated and reported correctly in the music industry jungle of registration systems and regulations.

We also offer all services for the music release process to artists/bands, so that they get all the rights to their music, get the royalties for the music release and if their music is used in other contexts. We make sure that all songs get ISRC-codes and do all the necessary registrations at Gramo, NCB, the National Liberary of Norway and to all other registers/companies that is required for each release. We assist the composer/author/ arranger of songs with the necessary registrations at TONO etc.

The music release on digital music services

We take care of all the registrations, uploads of master files/cover photo and all other preparations for the music recordings and release. The music release will be available worldwide on Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Google Play and 11 other digital music services.

Release contract

Pink Link Production only makes individual release contracts with artist/band for one specific digital music release. We do not make any long term contracts that will make artist/band comitted to more releases. Thus artist/band is free to make any other contract or agreement for later music releases.

The artist/band gets a written release contract from Pink Link Production which shows what kind of work that has been done for the music release, how royalties will be paid and all other relevant information regarding the music recordings and the music release.

Reports regarding music streamings and sales on digital music services

Reports regarding music streamings and sales on digital music services will be sent to artist/band twice a year in January and July on email from Pink Link Production.

Royalties for music streamings and sales on digital music services

Pink Link Production has chosen to follow the Norwegian artist organisation GramArts’ requirement on behalf of artists/bands, which means that we will give artists/bands 50% of the royalties from music streamings and sales on digital music services.

All artists/bands who release music on the Pink Link Production label will get royalty payments from digital music services to their bank accounts one time annually in January.

Any royalties to artist/band from TONO (as author/composer/arranger) or from Gramo (for contribution at the studio recordings) will come directly from TONO and Gramo to artist/band based on any playbacks on radio, TV, shops, cafes or other public playbacks which fall under the responsibilities of TONO and Gramo.

Marketing and promotion

Pink Link Production will promote all music releases on our home page on the Internet, on our Facebook-page, on our YouTube-channel, on Instagram, on Twitter and we will also promote releases to our contacts in the music industry when it is appropriate. We do not carry out any major marketing campaigns for music releases that will involve any costs for the artist/band.



Release Services

We will make your music available on 17 digital music services, like Spotify, iTunes, Wimp etc. We will take care of all registrations and reports regarding your music release and we will promote your release on all promotion channels we have available.

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Music Services

We offer all kinds of professional studio services; like arrangement work on song ideas, studio recordings, musician work, chorus, mastering, sound mix and other wants and needs you may have for your music release.

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CD- Services

If you want «Promotion-not for sale»-cd or cd-for-sale, Pink Link Production will take care of the registration work, layout work, printing the cd, printing the cover etc.

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