Some artists/bands have song ideas and need help through the whole process from arrangement work on the songs before studio recordings and all the way to the release of the music. Other artists/bands may have a finished music product where the songs already have been sound mixed and mastered. These artists/bands need help with the important music release process.

Pink Link Production can offer artists and bands services regarding;

  • the music production from arrangement work to mastering
  • the music release process and the important paper work before the release and follow-up after the release
  • the production of promo-cd from the digital music release or cd-for-sale
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Music Services

We offer all kinds of professional studio services; like arrangement work on song ideas, studio recordings, musician work, chorus, mastering, sound mix and other wants and needs you may have for your music release.

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Release Services

We will make your music available on 17 digital music services, like Spotify, iTunes, Wimp etc. We will take care of all registrations and reports regarding your music release and we will promote your release on all promotion channels we have available.

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CD- Services

If you want «Promotion-not for sale»-cd or cd-for-sale, Pink Link Production will take care of the registration work, layout work, printing the cd, printing the cover etc.

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